Hey, it’s Erin Muldoon Stetson here!

I have got something really awesome to share with you.  I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but it’s hard since what I have to say is so great that I can’t help but sound like I am exaggerating.  Alas.  Just go with it, okay!!!!

  • Have you been struggling with the same old issues (physical and/or emotional) for far too long?
  • Have you tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to help?
  • Are you thinking that you may just have to “live with it” for the rest of your life?

STOP THAT!!!!  Consider something NEW, something EFFECTIVE, something NON-INVASIVE (no drugs, no surgery, no gadgets).

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping is a holistic alternative form of healing akin to acupuncture, but without needles.
  • You can relieve your pain, and release your emotional issues with EFT Tapping.
  • You can literally change your life with this gentle and effective treatment.

I now have more time to take appointments due to my kids going to school for the first time (wooo hooo). They are loving it (of course, just like their mommy) and I am thrilled to have more time to dedicate to Tapping. To kick off this exciting new phase, I am offering a Low Introductory Offer for New Clients of $45/Hour!!! (My normal rate is $125/Hour, so that’s a 64% savings!!!!)

Sessions are available at my office in Evergreen Park, IL or via Phone or Skype. You can schedule an appointment here.

or you can connect with me personally to schedule an appointment or find out more about my work by

going to my website: www.TapOnIt.com
emailing me at: Erin@TapOnIt.com or
calling me at: 773-484-8925.

Please contact me for your booking soon as this offer is for Introductory Appointments held in August and September. The offer ends September 30th, 2012.

Please spread the word!!!
Tell your friends, your family, your loved ones.
Get them the Healing that they deserve!  Get them the Healing that you want for them!

Thank You!


~ Free Yourself from the shackles of pain ~