Drive Audience Engagement With a Custom Content Hub

Unlock even more potential with a branded Content Hub. This makes the user experience seamless by housing all of the content you send them in one place.

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Build Audience Relationships With TapOnIt’s Innovative Text Marketing Solutions

TapOnIt offers a unique, innovative text marketing solution for brands looking to expand and engage with their audiences. We specialize in creating customizable Content Hubs for businesses of all sizes and industries. Every customer is unique. People want to be treated as individuals with content that speaks directly to their interests. Personalized brand content can help you improve retention and build more affinity for your brand because it shows your company cares enough to get to know its audience. Discover the numerous advantages of partnering with our team today!

What is a Content Hub?

A Content Hub is a browser-based link housing all your content and is accessed directly from the text message (no app necessary!). The content is “auto-magically” curated to house all of the content sent to each user, ensuring that the user journey from the text message, to content, to the main call-to-action is as seamless as possible.

 Promote featured content, polls, sweepstakes, special offers, and more.

Drive audience engagement with a branded Content Hub

Build a profile, redeem discounts, access favorited offers, and more.

Promote featured content, polls, sweepstakes, special offers, and more.

Curate personalized content suggestions based on behavioral patterns and preferences.

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How Do Our Content Hubs Work?

Setting up a Content Hub is a breeze and doesn’t require any additional management. Just choose the content you want to text your audience and select which pieces you want to appear in your Content Hub. Once a user clicks the Content Hub link, they’ll be able to engage further with your brand by favoriting content, sharing it with friends, redeeming offers, accessing more information about each content piece, and more. The best part is that it’s all trackable! You’ll gain insights into which types of content perform best so you can optimize your text message marketing strategy and continue growing your audience.

What Are the Best Uses for Content Hubs?

A Content Hub from TapOnIt lets your audience interact with your content and engage with your brand all in one place through:

Featured Content

Keep your audiences informed about upcoming events, product restocks, ongoing promos, and more through dynamic featured content. Featured content allows you to control the conversation with your audience while increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

YouTube & Spotify Integration

Can’t shake the feeling that your content is missing some much-needed richness? Take advantage of the dynamic feature sets offered by YouTube and Spotify! Both platforms present an easy, affordable way to engage your audience with unique branded content. Keep them informed about product and event updates through videos, playlists, podcasts, influencer partnerships, and more.

Special Offers

A Content Hub allows your audience real-time incentives and discounts to drive buyer action. Whether you own a restaurant, movie theater, or retail business, consumers are more likely to cash in on your special offers on their smartphones. Thanks to TapOnIt’s robust reporting and analytics, you can keep track of redemptions.


Digital sweepstakes are easier to enter and are more accessible to a broader audience than local sweepstakes. Maximize your number of entries and engagement when you target the sweepstakes prizes to your audience’s demographics.

How Does Branded Content Benefit Your Business?

Unlike other methods, text message marketing is fast and has near-perfect open rates (99%). Using TapOnIt’s platform allows you to text your audience up to nine images or an animated GIF in a single MMS. Combining visual texts with the customized Content Hub benefits your business in a multitude of ways. One of which involves building audience relationships on a deeper level by allowing you to connect with them through their preferred channels. 

Branded content aims to tell a story and help attract a broader audience to your business, increasing brand recognition and promoting product visibility. Today’s consumers are more likely to buy from brands with customized content because it speaks to them in ways that traditional advertising channels can’t touch. When you share branded content with your audience, it demonstrates how much you value your audience and how committed you are to keeping them engaged with relevant, dynamic content. Building trust and authenticity is essential to maintaining and retaining consumers for the long haul.

Custom Content Hub for SMS & MMS Marketing by TapOnIt

How Does TapOnIt’s Text Marketing Software Differ?

In addition to creating Content Hubs, TapOnIt can help you drive revenue, engagement, brand awareness, audience relationships, and retention with SMS and MMS marketing campaigns. Our text marketing software offers many user-friendly features, including:

Smart Audience Builder

Our Smart Audience Builder tool allows you to segment and target your intended audience based on demographics, behavior, engagement, and other factors.

MMS Marketing

We can send multiple images or an animated GIF per text, giving you more opportunities to engage and drive buyer action.


While running sweepstakes through your texts is optional, it’s a massive database booster. Our team can help you secure a domain and structure your sweepstakes page.

Enhanced Text & Social Sharing

Our texts have built-in sharing capabilities for many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Messenger.

Simple Sign-Up

Simple sign-up options make it easy to grow your database. People can opt-in to receive your texts via a QR code, web form, mobile ads, and more.


Do you need to schedule a text blast in advance? Just set the date and time, and our automated text marketing platform does the rest!

First-Party & Zero-Party Data

Text message marketing allows you to collect valuable data directly from your audience. You own this data, meaning it can never be taken away from you.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your text marketing campaigns to see which pieces of content have the most engagement.

Dedicated Client Support

Our client support specialists can answer questions, set up analytics reporting and campaigns, ensure your compliance with text marketing regulations, and more.

Get Started Today With Engaging Brand Content

Let us help you grow your first-party, permission-based database through engaging content. Get started with TapOnIt by contacting us for more info regarding our Content Hubs and other text message marketing solutions.