Spring Cleaning Tips

Apr 20, 2021

Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to open the windows and freshen up our homes – spring cleaning is here!

We asked our team the cleaning hacks they can’t live without, and here are some of our favorites.

Productivity Tips:

– Have a good playlist, mindset, and all the tools you need to clean before you start. Try Cleaning Kit on Spotify.

– It’s helpful to set a timer for each room/space to keep things moving.

– When you clean, go room by room, right to left, up to down – it helps from getting overwhelmed, and then you know what you have cleaned.

Organizational Tips:

– Flip your hangers around at the beginning of the season, when you wear something put it back in your closet with the hanger flipped the opposite direction. At the end of the season, you’ll know what you no longer wear so you can easily decide what to donate!

– Keep a donation bag handy! When you find something in your house that you no longer love, throw it in there, and once it’s full drop it off at a local donation center.

– Keep organized year-round by using baskets or caddies to keep things in place – check out this caddy from Shop TapOnIt, get 20% off with code SPRING20

silverware basket

Dusting Tips:

– Wipe your baseboards with dryer sheets to help them repel dust and pet hair – we’ve also found that disposable masks work well too!

– Dust your ceiling fans with an old pillowcase to trap the grime, instead of just brushing it back into the air and onto your floor.

– Quickly de-fuzz a screen door or window screen by running a lint roller over each side. Lint rollers can be used to clean not only clothing, but also couches, blinds, and lampshades.

Daily Cleaning Tips:

– Throw just about everything in the dishwasher. Really. Window screens, refrigerator shelves, air vents…it’s all fair game. Use your dishwasher for things other than dishes (flip flops, dog bowls, sponges, toys, pretty much anything glass or rubber)

– Buy reusable paper towels! Leave it right by the sink so anytime you spill something, have crumbs to wipe up, or need to clean the counters just wet it quick and go! When it starts getting gross just toss it into your washing machine and let it air dry. They’re better for the environment, come in cute patterns and they work better than real paper towels because they’re more durable!

– When you make a smoothie (or margarita), pour out the drink right away into a different glass or container. Put a tiny drop of dish soap in the blender, fill it with some warm water, and then turn it back on. It basically washes itself and takes about 30 seconds.

– Finally, clean the air with a houseplant! You can use your SPRING20 discount on these as well.