Dos and Don’ts of SMS + MMS Marketing

The Dos of Text Marketing

Only send texts to opted-in users

Text message marketing must only go to people who 100% opted in to receive them from your business specifically. Sending marketing text messages to people who did not opt-in to receive them can be punished by the FCC with fees and possibly have your phone number shut down.

Always include who the message is coming from

Even if the recipient of your text has your contact card in hand, you must start the message with what business the text is coming from.

Make sure your privacy policy is easily accessible to users

For the sake of transparency, your privacy policy should be easily available to your subscribers.

Send campaigns consistently

Text club members enjoy feeling like part of an audience that is catered to and kept up-to-date on forthcoming events, promotions, and information. Staying consistent and building a regular cadence also helps them know what to expect from your brand.

Be strategic when you send your texts

Some texts are best sent at specific times so your customers can take advantage of what they offer ASAP. For example, alert your subscribers to a discount on your menu before lunchtime, not after.

Align your keywords with your brand

This seems like a minor thing, but you’d be surprised at just how useful the crafting of on-brand keywords can be at spurring engagement with your texts.  If you run a record store, for instance, consider codes like “RIFF” or “SCRATCH”.

Keep your messages short

This practice also applies to your messages as a whole. Your subscribers will be much more likely to read your threads if they convey important info in a condensed format, so try to maintain a blend of brevity and detail.

Create unique content for your texts

Repurposing old content for your text campaigns is a good move, but your subscribers might question why they joined if you’re only sending the same material from your social channels. Use your text club to push exclusive deals and updates that make it clear to your audience how invaluable their membership is.

Learn how to effectively use emojis

Emojis, when used with tact and restraint, can serve as the perfect addition for your already-awesome campaigns.

The Don’ts of Text Marketing

Don’t spam your subscribers

Striking a balance between staying in touch with your base while avoiding message spam is of utmost importance, as drowning them in texts may lead  them to unsubscribe. The worst case scenario? You could get fined or blacklisted by your carrier. Check out this FCC consumer guide for more info.

Don’t send texts before 8:00 AM or after 8:00 PM

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act recommends (and requires in certain states) that marketing text messages not be sent before 8:00 AM and after 8:00 PM of the user’s time zone. Use our Local Time Zone feature to make sure your users are getting the text at the time you send it in their own time zone. 

Don’t ignore common text etiquette

Just because you’re using texts to promote something doesn’t mean you can forgo etiquette. Keep them brief and focused, make sure your grammar and spelling are on point, and save the caps lock for discount codes. 

Don’t use lengthy links and URLs

One of the best aspects of text marketing is how easily digestible it is for the consumer. Having your links take up most of the text’s body would defeat that and might make some customers avoid them altogether. Keep them short!

Don’t attach more images or GIFs than needed

While MMS marketing allows for you to tie multiple images to a campaign, it’s important to keep in mind that one shouldn’t go overboard with it. Too many photos in a post that only needs a couple could distract the user from your main points. Make every image count!

Don’t send more than three messages within 24 hours

In more and more states it’s becoming illegal to send more than three messages within 24 hours regarding the same subject matter or issue. This is recommended by the TCPA in all states and required in some states. 

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