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Text messages have a 99% open rate

Take the content you’re sending in emails, posting on social media, or sending through direct mail and text it directly to your customers to guarantee visibility.

MMS Messages containing 1-4 images have


higher Click-Through Rates when compared to SMS

MMS texts containing three images have the lowest opt-out rate


SMS, or texts with no images, have the highest opt-out rate


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Multi-image MMS

Send up to 7 images or an animated GIF in a single text message, allowing you to share multiple content pieces at once!

Content Hub

Unlock even more potential with a branded Content Hub. This makes the user experience seamless by housing all of the content you text them in one place. Learn More about Content Hubs.

Conversational Messaging

One-on-one texting with your subscribers. Respond directly to any text that is sent to your brand, giving you the power to have more personalized and impactful experiences.

Zip Code + Birthdate Opt-In

Increase first-party data at opt-in by confirming with a zip code for geo-targeting or birthdate for age verification.

Contact Card

Send your logo, business name, and number so subscribers can save your brand as a contact and never miss a text.

Integration Options

Integration choices such as Shopify, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Hubspot and more.

Opt-in API

Quick and easy ways for people to join your texts, allowing you to grow your database with minimal effort.

Reporting + Analytics

Monitor your text campaigns and see which pieces of content are performing best.

Scheduling + Tracking

Send text campaigns right away, or schedule them for the future. Keep track of send progress, past campaigns sent, and more.

Advanced Audience Management + Targeting

Use the data you’ve gathered to target specific audiences and demographics, ensuring the content you send resonates with the right people.

Client Success Specialist

Dedicated support to help guide you along your text message marketing journey, providing additional assistance and expertise.

Compliance Monitoring

There are many rules and regulations around text message marketing. TapOnIt’s platform includes automated appending of compliance language when and where it’s needed. Our Client Resource Library includes best practices for compliance around marketing.

Client Resources

A library of templates, tutorials, guides, and more to help you become a pro at text message marketing. Plus, our Client Success Team is here to help if you need any additional guidance!