Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about TapOnIt

How do I start?

Once you have decided that text messaging is a good fit for your brand, you can get started on our self-serve platform or contact TapOnIt to get connected with one of our team members. 

Do I need a lot of technical experience to use TapOnIt?

Nope! You don’t need to be a developer, designer, or tech wiz to use TapOnIt. Anyone can create text campaigns on our platform. If you do find yourself needing some help, feel free to reach out to our support team.

How much does it cost?

Our plans start out at just $50/month. We offer different packages and price points to fit your needs and budget! Check out our Self-Serve plans here.

How do I build a database?

Building a database of phone numbers for text message marketing is easy, but it does require permission.

Unlike email, cold-calling, or similar options, you’re not allowed to purchase a list of phone numbers and start texting them. You’ll need permission from the end-user in order to send them text messages, which means users need to opt-in voluntarily to your text club. 

Here are the main ways businesses drive opt-ins with TapOnIt:

  • QR Codes
  • Mobile Ads
  • Web Forms
  • Social Media
  • Checkout
  • Text to Join
  • Email Newsletters 
  • Landing Page 
  • Sweepstakes
What are the laws and regulations around texting?

Text message marketing is highly regulated to protect consumers from spam. This is a good thing because it protects our text apps from becoming like our email inboxes! All subscribers have to opt-in and agree to receive text messages from your brand. Find more information here.

Can I send emojis in my texts?

Yes! 🎉 And we don’t charge extra for those.

I already have a list of subscribers. Can I text them?

We love the enthusiasm! But first, confirm that your list has agreed to receive messages from your brand. It’s recommended that you have a record for each of these opt-ins for compliance reasons. If you have any questions about compliance, let us know and we can provide guidance. Once you know your list has consented, you can upload the list into your TapOnIt Admin Dashboard and get to texting!

Can I manually add numbers to my list without the owner's permission?

Adding any numbers without consent is a violation of privacy rights. As such, adding numbers and texting them can result in spam complaints, and can have legal ramifications. TapOnIt allows you to add numbers to your list as long as you have their consent. 

I have a list of numbers of opted-in subscribers, how do I upload them?

Our team can assist you with this! Reach out to us for help.

If I upload a list of contacts, can I text them right away?

If you’re currently texting and are switching over to TapOnIt you are required to send an initial message stating, “This is Brand Name texting you from a new number. We will be keeping in touch with recurring automated messages.”

Can you help me migrate from another text platform?

Yes! Contact our team for more information.

What integrations does TapOnIt support?

We are currently integrated with Shopify, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Salesforce, but adding more integrations every day!

How many texts can I send?

There is no limit to the number of texts you can send! However, we recommend considering how often you’d want to receive texts from your favorite business or organization in a similar industry. Every campaign you send should be valuable for your audience.

Can I send abandoned cart and checkout texts for Shopify?

Yes! TapOnIt is integrated with Shopify and you can easily set up triggered messages through your admin dashboard. 

How do I create images for content and media?

You’ll have access to design templates to help get you started, and the images you design can be uploaded right into your TapOnIt Admin Dashboard. 

Can I text sales leads?

If your list of sales leads have opted-in to receive text messages from your brand, then yes you can!

How many keywords can I have?

The Basic plan includes one keyword, and all other plans allow for unlimited keywords.

Do people get charged for joining my list?

There are no fees for when subscribers join your text list. Standard message and data rates may apply based on the carrier and the cell phone plan the subscriber is tied to.

How do I get a Short Code or Toll-free Number?

TapOnIt’s self-serve plans include the automatic provisioning process for your TFN, and our team handles the ongoing management for you. If you would like a short code please reach out to the TapOnIt team.

How do I set up a Welcome Campaign?

You can set up a Welcome Campaign on any keyword you’d like in the Admin Dashboard. For a full tutorial please reference the Client Resources.

How do I set up my business Contact Card?

You can set up a Contact Card under Automations in the Admin Dashboard. 

Can I change plans?

Yes! Contact our team for more information if you’re interested in upgrading your plan.

Where can I find my compliance statement?
Can I get the names and numbers of people who opt out?

Yes, you have access to this information, however please keep in mind that if you attempt to contact subscribers after they’ve opted out, this can result in legal ramifications.

What is TapOnIt Deals?

TapOnIt Deals is one of our text clubs! It sends out local deals and promotions from businesses to subscribers in certain areas.

Ready to get started?

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