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How To Increase Sales For Your Business During The Holidays Using Text Message Marketing


The outlook of the 2021 holiday season as a business owner may appear a bit cloudy. Shopping trends have shifted, and consumers are relying on business interactions more than ever to make purchase decisions.

However, rather than dread the season of economic chaos and staggering retail sales, savvy business owners are looking for ways to use text marketing for their benefit.

Text marketing in business is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your customers and engage them in meaningful conversation. The convenience of sharing information through multimedia texts makes it an excellent choice for keeping the dialogue going 365 days a year. Still, it’s particularly beneficial during the holidays when even the most traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are turning to eCommerce.

There are many ways to increase sales for your business during the holidays, but text marketing is the most effective. Text marketing is used to reach customers across multiple channels and encourage current and potential customers to purchase from you. Here are some other creative ways you can use it!

Holiday Deals:

Send promotional texts about current deals or discounts. Doing this will help with word-of-mouth (or Word of Thumb™) advertising and allow people who may not have seen these offers online, on social media, or in print ads a chance to take advantage of them.

It’s also great for those last-minute shoppers who need an extra push before they buy something!

Triggered Messaging:

If you’re already using text messages to communicate with your customers, this is a great time to take advantage of triggered messages.

Triggered messages get sent automatically when certain events happen (for example, someone buys something). Use these messages to surprise and delight your customers throughout the holiday season by sending them personalized messages or thank-yous.

These messages are great because they’re relevant to the recipient and give them incredible value each time they receive one.

Increase Conversions with Abandoned Carts Texts:

Did someone start shopping on your site but didn’t finish their purchase? This is another excellent opportunity to utilize triggered messaging and send them a promotional text with an incentive to come back and shop!

Offer a discount or run a special promotion just for those who have abandoned carts. Use the text to remind them that they can save more money if they buy now rather than waiting.

Every business owner should strive to create an effective text marketing campaign that boosts sales during the holidays. Make your message clear, concise, and enticing to grab attention and encourage conversions.

If you can integrate a photo of your store or, even better, of the item(s) they were contemplating, this can help conversion rates from the text message retargeting.

Limited Time Free Shipping Offer:

Send out text messages with free shipping codes that expire at a specific time. For example: “EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT: For every purchase of $20 or more, use the code ‘SHIPFREE’ at checkout and get free shipping for your order!”

Events + News:

Are you hosting a special event, or do you have updated holiday hours? Keep your customers in the loop by ensuring they see your updates. Text messages have a 99% open rate, so your message has guaranteed exposure. 

Holiday Content:

Limited-edition products, holiday workshops, festive recipes, and new blogs are all things that people like to hear about from brands. Getting relevant content out to your subscribers, and making sure they see it can help increase engagement before the holidays.

Exclusive Coupons + Offers:

The holiday season is the perfect time to offer exclusive discounts, coupons, and offers to those who sign up for your text club is a great way to grow your text database list and increase sales. These promotions will encourage them to shop with your business and can be redeemed in various easy ways.


Encourage your customers to share your content through text. TapOnIt’s sharing function allows users to share your content via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and text. New users can opt-in through the share links, which helps your database grow organically, gain additional exposure, and reward customers for sharing, all with an easy-to-use flow.

Give exclusive offers to your subscribers who share your content, making them more likely to engage with your brand during the holiday season.

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