Engage Your Employees with SMS & MMS Marketing

Use TapOnIt’s next-generation messaging platform to reach your employees in the fastest, most direct way possible via text.

Internal Communication Text Thread Example

Communication Made Easy

Powerful Messaging

Internal Communication Text Thread

Branded Destination Site

Internal Communication Update Marketplace Phone

Promote Content + Events

Internal Communication Update in Marketplace Phone


Internal Communication Event Attendance Tracking via Text Message

Triggered Messages

Use messages to onboard, train, and inform your employees based on their individual status or activities.

Internal Communication Triggered Message for New Employee

Turn Brand Employees Into Company Advocates

Increase opt-ins organically by incentivizing employees to share and promote content and events

Employees can share your messages on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and via text


Increase employee awareness and peak curiosity through engagement with peers.

Internal Communication Employee Engagement via Content Sharing within the TapOnIt Text Platform


Convenient, user-friendly option to drive opt-in and trigger double opt-in confirmations via QR codes or a webform

Custom Microsite

Employee taps the link in their text to view more content, share with coworkers, check-in at events, and more.

Increase Employee Engagement

Texting with employees is the most direct way to connect with them. Incentivize them to share with coworkers to increase engagement.

Analytics + Reporting

Compare performances, track goals, segment audiences, and uncover deep insights across performance metrics.

Platform Training + Support

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Specialist to help you navigate the platform.


Compliance Monitoring

Our team will educate and assist with required compliance language and messaging flow.

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“Texting through TapOnIt has allowed us access directly to the employees themselves. With our other forms of communication, they’re passive. We aren’t able to get metrics to see how many employees we’re actually reaching and how effective it is. Texting allows us to see how many people are on the system or accessing the links we send out.“

 Marguerite Tomlin, Internal Communications Specialist, Arconic Davenport Works

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