Engage your Jewelry Customers via Text

Use TapOnIt’s next-generation messaging platform to build, reach, retain and grow your first-party, permission-based text database.

Phone with MMS Jewelry messages from TapOnIt

Redemption Made Easy

Powerful Messaging

Jewelry MMS messages from TapOnIt

Branded Destination Site

Phone with custom marketplace

Promote Products

Promoted products using TapOnIt's white label solution

Multiple Redemption Options

Garden Centers Offer Redemption with barcode

Turn Brand Loyalists Into Influencers

Expand your community organically by incentivizing users to share and promote products
Users can share your main offers on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest and via text
Gaining you free additional exposure and growing your community organically
Bonus offers for sharing Garden Center deals


Convenient, user-friendly option to drive opt-in and trigger double opt-in confirmations via QR codes, mobile ads, or a webform

Custom Microsite

Consumer taps the link in their text to view more content, share with friends, earn bonuses, redeem coupons and more.

Redemption + Sharing

Consumers can redeem in-store or online, offers and content are easily shareable to incentivize organic growth.

Analytics + Reporting

Compare performances, track goals, segment audiences, and uncover deep insights across performance metrics.

Platform Training + Support

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Specialist to help you navigate the platform.


Compliance Monitoring

Our team will educate and assist with required compliance language and messaging flow.


Own your audience and amplify your social media strategy by meaningfully repurposing your content.

Promote top products and incentivize consumers to buy more products, see latest trends, share content with friends and invite them to join for organic community growth

Content Repurposing to help grow your garden center