LA Clippers Text Program

Learn how the LA Clippers influenced fans to make 20% more purchases using text!

LA Clippers Text Program

Click-through rates as high as


Average monthly subscriber growth of


Extremely low opt-out rate of



Recognized for a roster that sports the likes of Reggie Jackson, Kawhi Leonard, and John Wall, the LA Clippers is one of the most revered and accomplished teams in the NBA.

In 2022 the Clippers sought a more direct and authentic way to communicate with their fanbase and gather first-party data. Text message marketing with TapOnIt was the perfect fit for achieving this goal.

The unique and tailored nature of the LA Clippers text campaigns has contributed to the team’s efforts to create a community, driving additional sales and increasing brand loyalty.

LA Clippers Text Club Sweepstakes

How The LA Clippers Are Using Text Messaging:

The Clippers launched their text club in April 2022 by running an exclusive sweepstakes to help drive text database growth. Anyone who entered to win season tickets from the Clippers was prompted to join the text club. To push the results even further, subscribers could earn additional entries into the giveaway by sharing it with friends, helping grow the Clippers database organically.

This giveaway resulted in a 186% growth of their text database.

What The LA Clippers Are Texting About:

The Clippers text club saw steady growth in the summer months while ramping up for basketball season, and once the season schedule was released, their database took off.  The number one driver of opt-ins during the season has been the pop-up on their website. 

Building synergy between their text club and online store has played a key role in the team’s text marketing venture. Deploying text campaigns designed to inform subscribers of new items coming to their store as well as providing notices for major sales, pre-order opportunities, and details on the brand-new Deal of the Week. However, not all of their content is sales focused. They also promote awesome giveaways, looks behind the scenes, team member birthday shoutouts, upcoming events, game schedules, and more.

The Results The LA Clippers Have Had From SMS + MMS Marketing:

High Click-Through Rates:

Click-through rates as high as 28%, with an average click-through rate of 17%

Increased Website Traffic:

Text campaigns have driven up to 20% of website traffic in a day for the Clippers.

Increased Revenue:

Text accounted for up to 20% of orders in a day. 

Continued Growth:

33% average monthly subscriber growth

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