TapOnIt Text Message Marketing Partnership Overview

TapOnIt works with partners to provide brands with a unique, easy-to-use, visual text message marketing solution. From Self-Serve to Professional Services, TapOnIt offers solutions to help you build, grow, retain, engage, and monetize your client’s text databases, increasing their bottom line and yours.

Text Message Marketing Partnership

Why text, why now?

As the access to cookies and third-party data continues to decrease, increasing first-party and zero-party data becomes even more critical. Help your clients build a compliant database of their customer’s cell phone numbers, setting them up for success now and in the future. Think about it…when was the last time you changed your cell phone number?!

56% of US retailers

plan to increase SMS marketing investments

  • 56% 56%

9 out of 10 consumers

say they want businesses to communicate with them via text message.

Why text, why now?

Why TapOnIt?

As a female-founded, Hispanic-owned startup out of Iowa, we’re a bit different and do things differently. Unlike other text providers, we’re focusing not only on the text message but also on text-to-conversion. Alongside the basic SMS & MMS capabilities, TapOnIt’s text marketing platform provides your agency with a wide array of unique functions, automations, and reports to easily drive growth, success, and a trackable ROI for your clients.

Why TapOnIt

What our team does:

Provide a user-friendly platform

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Onboarding and training

Ongoing support

Provide expert strategists to help plan & execute

Compliance monitoring & management

Continuous optimization

What your team does:

Choose a partner plan

Identify a point-person or team

Decide on a strategy for your clients

Continue driving success for your clients


Multiple Images

Our image compression engine allows you to include multiple images or an animated GIF in a single MMS, giving the end-user different content pieces to engage with while guaranteeing brand visibility.

Triggered + Conversational Messaging

Gather data and use it to personalize engagement in the text message. Trigger message flows to ask questions, send event-based messages (i.e., birthday wishes), reduce cart abandonment, and more.

Third-Party Integrations

Use tools like Mailchimp, Shopify, Salesforce, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Our easily digestible APIs help to simplify additional integrations that you may want to add.

Deep Reporting and Analysis

All activity is tracked and available for you to access in each of your client’s dashboards. Analyze results, and set up automated reports for the most important KPIs.

Optional Customizable Content Hub

The link in the text can take the end-user wherever you want, to an app, a website, or our customizable content hub. The content is “auto-magically” curated based on the texts sent, no additional management is required.

Unique Sharing Technology

Let your client’s biggest fans create social media content and buzz for the brand using our Word of Thumb™ sharing tools. Users can share with friends through Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter, text, and more, driving engagement and organic database growth.

Segmenting + Targeting

The more data gathered for your clients, the more targeted you can be with your messaging. Create audience segments and targets based on location, demographics, interests, and more to personalize the content and who it gets sent to.

Ways to work together:


Our team will work with you to become experts in planning, pitching, executing, and maintaining a successful text marketing strategy for each of your clients. Once your team has completed the training TapOnIt will be there for support.

Ramp to self-serve

You’re busy. We get it! We’ll work together to build the plan, do the pitch, execute and maintain the plan for each of your clients over a set period of time while your team ramps up to doing it all.

Professional Services

We can do it all. As an extension of your team, TapOnIt will work with your agency to plan, pitch, execute and do the ongoing management of your client’s text marketing strategy.