Get Started with TapOnIt’s Text Message Platform

Follow the instructions below to connect TapOnIt to your Shopify store and start texting your customers now!

Shopify Integration Overview Dashboard

Connect Shopify + TapOnIt

So, you want to integrate your TapOnIt account with Shopify. You’re making a smart choice! We’ll start by adding TapOnIt to your Shopify account.

Add TapOnIt to Your Shopify Account

  1. In Shopify, under Apps in the left sidebar, click ‘Add Apps’
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and click ‘Find more apps in the Shopify App Store’
  3. Search for ‘TapOnIt’ and click the listing
  4. Click ‘Add App’
  5. Click ‘Install App’
  6. Click ‘Login to TapOnIt Admin’
  7. Enter your email and click ‘Submit’
  8. Select the Admin Portal you would like to login in with
  9. On the new page, enter your username and password and click ‘Sign In’
  10. Close the pop-up window and click ‘Save Shopify Settings’

Once TapOnIt is added to your Shopify account, you’ll need to confirm your account by confirming your subscription plan.

Although you are confirming a payment method, there is no charge to use the TapOnIt app in Shopify! This simple process is merely allowing messages to be sent on behalf on Shopify and be charged at a standard rate to your TapOnIt account.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to support@taponit.com.

Confirm Your Account

  1. In Shopify, click “TapOnIt” in the left sidebar
  2. Click “Confirm Subscription Plan”
  3. If necessary, add a credit card
  4. Click “Approve”

Congratulations! You have confirmed your TapOnIt account in Shopify.  In order to track metrics and send out automated messages using your TapOnIt platform, you must enable webhooks and add embeds to your Shopify page. Please read on for further instruction.

Shopify Page Embeds

To complete set-up of the TapOnIt integration, you must add several page embeds to your Shopify store.

Add an Opt-In Form to Your Homepage

  1. In Shopify, click ‘Online Store’ in the left sidebar
  2. Click ‘Themes’
  3. Click ‘Customize’
  4. Make sure you are on your home page
  5. Click ‘Add Section’
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up
  7. Select ‘TapOnIt Opt In Form’
  8. Click ‘Save’

The second page embed requires use of the ‘Inspect’ tool on your live Shopify storefront. For assistance, please contact support@taponit.com

Track Cart Additions

  1. On your live Shopify page, navigate to a product
  2. Right click on ‘Add to cart’
  3. Click ‘Inspect’
  4. In the highlighted line, copy the text directly after ‘class’ (e.g. ‘product-form_submit’)
  5. In Shopify, click ‘Online Store’ in the left sidebar
  6. Click ‘Themes’
  7. Click ‘Customize’
  8. From the drop down at the top of your page, click ‘Products’
  9. Click ‘Default Product’
  10. Click ‘Add Section’
  11. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up
  12. Select ‘TapOnIt Add to Cart’
  13. Click ‘TapOnIt Add to Cart’ in the left sidebar
  14. Add a period and paste the copied text from step four into ‘Add To Cart Button Selector’
  15. Click Save

These page embeds send information to your TapOnIt admin dashboard and enable automated texts to your subscribers to come from your Shopify account. Just one more to go to complete set-up!

There’s one more page embed to complete before you’re ready to launch your TapOnIt integration with Shopify to your subscribers.

Enable Webhooks on the Cart Feature

  1. In Shopify, click ‘Online Store’ in the left sidebar
  2. Click ‘Themes’
  3. Click ‘Customize’
  4. From the drop down at the top of your page, click ‘Cart’
  5. Click ‘Add Section’
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up
  7. Select ‘TapOnIt Enable Webhooks’
  8. Click ‘Save’

Opt-In Pop-Up

In order to track purchases and near-purchases correctly, your Shopify page must collect subscriber phone numbers through an opt-in pop-up. You’ve already added the page embed – now, you just have to design your pop-up!

Designing Your Pop-Up

  1. In your TapOnIt admin dashboard, select ‘Integrations’ from the left sidebar
  2. Select ‘Shopify’
  3. Click ‘Shopify Settings’
  4. Click ‘Create Popup’
  5. Decide on the verbiage of your pop-up
  6. Style your popup
  7. Select your settings
  8. Click ‘Save Popup’

To preview your pop-up, click ‘Preview’ in the bottom right corner of the page. Please note: The preview may look slightly different from how it appears on your Shopify page due to customizations and settings on your Shopify page.

This pop-up will now appear on your Shopify page for customers to opt-in  to your text club and receive your automated Shopify texts!

Automated Texts

Adding an automation to your Shopify integration is quick in the TapOnIt  dashboard. Automations range from reminders to rewards, and are a great way  to engage with your subscribers who make purchases on your Shopify page. Interested  in the triggers TapOnIt offers? Check out page five.

Adding an Automation

  1. In your TapOnIt admin dashboard, select ‘Integrations’ from the left sidebar
  2. Select ‘Shopify’
  3. Select ‘Create Automation’
  4. Give your automation a name in ‘Automation Name’
  5. Select a ‘Trigger Type’
  6. Determine the timing of your trigger
  7. Create a text message to be associated and sent with that trigger
  8. Select an image, if desired, from ‘Media Source’
  9. Click ‘Save Automation’

Congratulations, you have finished your TapOnIt integration with Shopify, and successfully set up your first automated text! You will now be interacting with your subscribers on a whole new level of engagement and personalization.

Reviewing Metrics

Diving into the performance of your automated texts is simple in the TapOnIt admin dashboard. Navigate to your Shopify integration in the TapOnIt admin dashboard, and see the performance of your triggers on the front page. Let’s break it down.

Metrics of Triggers

  • Messages sent: The number of messages that have been sent due to that trigger
  • Clicks: The number of times a link was clicked from that trigger
  • Orders: The number of orders that resulted from that trigger
  • Revenue: The amount of revenue from the orders that resulted from that trigger

As orders roll in, these numbers will continue to grow and demonstrate the earning power of leveraging text messages on your Shopify store. Make sure to check back regularly to see how your triggers perform and earn you additional revenue!

Shopify Triggers

You’ve made it this far! Let’s get your Shopify triggers set up in your TapOnIt admin dashboard. You have five options and can choose to implement one, some, or all!

Abandoned Cart

Oh no! Your customer put items in a cart but didn’t make it to checkout. The ‘Abandoned Cart’ trigger will nudge these customers via text message to complete their purchase from their cart.

Abandoned Checkout

Uh oh! Your customer made it to checkout, but didn’t go through with the purchase. When you enable the ‘Abandoned Checkout’ trigger, your customers will receive a text prompting them to complete their purchase from checkout.

Last Purchase Date

It’s been a while since your customer made a purchase from you… maybe it’s time to remind them of what they’re missing. Turn on the ‘Last Purchase Date’ trigger to send out automated messages when a customer is a designated amount of time away from their last purchase date. You can even offer them a unique discount code for returning!

Number of Orders

It can be nice to thank, and even reward, your loyal customers. With the ‘Number of Orders’ trigger turned on, you can do just that! Set a minimum number of orders for a customer to make and your account will automatically send a message when they reach that number.

Total Spent

Your store has been around for a while and some of your customers have racked up quite the tab – it’s time to recognize them for that hard work! Use the ‘Total Spent’ trigger to acknowledge customers who have spent at least a minimum amount with your store.

Each of these triggers can be turned on or off at any time to accommodate your needs. Ultimately, they are an engaging way to interact with your customers based on their presence in your Shopify store. Have questions? Email support@taponit.com for answers!