Businesses Need SMS & MMS Loyalty Programs Now More Than Ever

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Create a Text Loyalty Program to Keep Your Customers Happy

No matter your industry, establishing a solid rapport with your customers is essential to your success. SMS & MMS loyalty programs ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business. When customers feel valued, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your brand. It’s estimated that loyal customers spend up to 67% more on products and services than newer customers, making investing in a customer loyalty program more than worthwhile. However, you don’t need to develop a complicated reward system based on keeping track of points and exchanging them for rewards. TapOnIt can help you create a text loyalty program that rewards loyal customers with redemption codes and more through your text message marketing.

What Is a Text Message Loyalty Program?

A text message loyalty program is pretty much what it sounds like. Customers sign up for your customer loyalty program either online or in-store. Your business sends loyalty rewards or redemption codes via text messages to everyone who has opted to receive them. Loyalty rewards can range from discounts to free merchandise or entries into exclusive sweepstakes. Customers can redeem these loyalty rewards without downloading an app or collecting punches on an old-school punch card. It’s sweet and simple. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Text-Based Loyalty Program?

Text-based loyalty programs are beneficial to businesses and their customers in numerous ways:

Better Customer Retention

SMS and MMS loyalty programs help you retain loyal customers without much manual effort, allowing you to send a text campaign to them in just a few easy steps.

No Apps Required

Most of your customers already own cell phones with built-in messaging capabilities, so they can receive texts without downloading any extra apps. No apps mean you won’t have to develop expensive software. 

Go Digital

Because text marketing loyalty programs are all-digital, customers won’t have to add another rewards card to an ever-growing pile of plastic. Their purses and wallets will thank you!

Increased Engagement

You can collect valuable first-party and zero-party data upfront, such as their name and birthday while sending messages that encourage engagement with your brand.

How to Create an SMS/MMS Loyalty Program With TapOnIt

First, you’ll want to think of a catchy name for your SMS/MMS loyalty program. Use something related to the brand that sets you apart from the competition. Next, you must determine how people will earn your loyalty rewards. The most common method is to use a keyword or phrase that customers must text to receive special offers. You can choose to send the same rewards to everyone or create multiple reward tiers based on customer purchases. The most successful text-based loyalty programs offer numerous small offers and rewards instead of one grand prize because most people prefer variety and frequency. Consider what type of offers your customers would find most beneficial to ensure their satisfaction.

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Give Your Customers Reasons to Return to Your Business

Once you’ve decided on the frequency of your rewards and incentives, the TapOnIt team will help you set up autoresponders to send these texts to your customers. Each text going forward should give your loyal customers a reason to return to your business and encourage engagement. Try offering customers special rewards on their birthdays or when they participate in fun surveys or sweepstakes. Once your text messages and rewards are set, it’s time to get people signed up for them. You could ask customers for their phone numbers at checkout or include a sign-up form on your website. No matter what, you must get express written consent before sending texts due to consumer privacy laws.

Why Do Brands Prefer TapOnIt’s Text Marketing Platform?

Partnering with TapOnIt for your SMS & MMS loyalty program is a wise decision. Many brands prefer our innovative text marketing platform due to all its user-friendly features, including:

MMS Marketing

We can send multiple images or an animated GIF per text, giving you more opportunities to engage and drive buyer action.

Custom Content Hubs

Our custom content hubs offer superior in-depth tracking, sharing, and redemption features not seen in conventional websites or apps. Sending customers to a customized content hub where they can redeem coupons, share content, and more strengthens their bond with your brand. We make it easy to redeem coupons in-store or online via barcodes, QR codes, or alphanumeric codes.

Simple Sign-Up

Simple sign-up options make it easy to grow your database. People can opt-in to receive your texts via a QR code, web form, mobile ads, and more.


Do you need to schedule a text blast to your customers in advance? Just set the date and time, and our automated text marketing platform does the rest!

First-Party & Zero-Party Data

Text message marketing allows you to collect valuable data directly from your customers. You own this data, meaning it can never be taken away from you.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your text marketing campaigns to see which pieces of content have the most engagement.

Smart Audience Builder

Our Smart Audience Builder tool allows you to segment and target your intended audience based on demographics, behavior, engagement, and other factors.


While running sweepstakes through your texts is optional, it’s a massive database booster. Our team can help you secure a domain and structure your sweepstakes page.

Enhanced Text & Social Sharing

Our texts have built-in sharing capabilities for many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Messenger.

Dedicated Client Support

Our client support specialists can answer questions, set up analytics reporting and campaigns, ensure your compliance with text marketing regulations, and more.

Start Rewarding Your Best Customers Today

Discover the advantages of having an SMS & MMS loyalty program when you contact TapOnIt. We simplify text message marketing for businesses of all sizes and industries. Start rewarding your best customers today!