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Standard Plan

A simple, easy-to-use text message marketing and communications platform that drives sales and engagement for your business

SMS & MMS Marketing for Wineries

Text messages have a 99% open rate

Take the content you’re sending in emails, posting on social media, or sending through direct mail and text it directly to your customers to guarantee visibility.

SMS & MMS Marketing for Retail

The Standard Plan



Affordable Messaging Fees

Price per SMS = $0.02      Price per MMS = 0.045

Multi-image capability

Send up to 7 images or an animated GIF per text.

A Toll-Free Number

Contact Card

Includes 3 keywords

Reporting + Analytics

Opt-in QR Code and API

Scheduling + Tracking

SMS + MMS Compliance Monitoring

Client Resources

Standard Plan Features

Affordable Messaging Fees

Price per SMS = $0.02      Price per MMS = 0.045

Multi-image MMS

Send up to 7 images or an animated GIF in a single text message, allowing you to share multiple content pieces at once!

Contact Card

Send your logo, business name, and number so subscribers can save your brand as a contact and never miss a text.

Opt-in QR Code + API

Quick and easy ways for people to join your texts, allowing you to grow your database with minimal effort.

Reporting + Analytics

Monitor your text campaigns and see which pieces of content are performing best.

Scheduling + Tracking

Send text campaigns right away, or schedule them for the future. Keep track of send progress, past campaigns sent, and more.

Toll-Free Number Provisioning + Management

Toll-Free Numbers (TFN) are used to send and receive messages. Our team will go through the process of provisioning your TFN and handle the ongoing management. 

Compliance Monitoring

There are many rules and regulations around text message marketing. TapOnIt’s platform includes automated appending of compliance language when and where it’s needed. Our Client Resource Library includes best practices for compliance around marketing.

Client Resources

A library of templates, tutorials, guides, and more to help you become a pro at text message marketing. Plus, our Client Success Team is here to help if you need any additional guidance!