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Tracking & Reporting to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

Is there anything more frustrating than sending someone a text message and not knowing if they received it? If you’ve decided to delve into text message marketing, you likely already know it’s about more than just blindly sending text messages to your customers. Tracking and reporting are vital to the success of your marketing strategy. Text message analytics can help you assess your customers’ wants and needs, ensuring your future messaging remains relevant. You’ll enjoy robust reporting and analytics in real-time when you partner with TapOnIt for your SMS and MMS marketing.

Our tools will help you track the performance of your texts, so you can see which promotions and pieces of content receive the most views and shares on social media. You can pull detailed reports at your leisure or schedule them to be sent at a later date. We’ve simplified tracking and reporting, so you can tweak your campaigns to maximize their performance. Talk to our team today to get started!

How Do Text Message Analytics Benefit Marketing Campaigns?

Text message analytics help you measure the success of your text message marketing campaigns. Paying close attention to how your customers respond to your texts allows you to stay connected and attuned to their needs. Tracking and reporting insights help you make necessary adjustments to campaigns to drive your goals and grow your business. TapOnIt’s built-in analytics tools will help you gauge how many new subscribers you gain per month, how many of them click the links in your texts, and other valuable data for building the best campaigns and engaging your customers. Our reporting and analytics will help

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What Key Metrics Are Essential to Tracking & Reporting?

If you’re new to the world of SMS and MMS marketing, you may have questions about the terminology often used to describe their effectiveness. Here’s a quick guide to the key metrics used in tracking and reporting the data from your text message marketing campaigns:

Number of Subscribers

This is the total number of people who have opted to receive your text marketing communications.

Click-Through Rates

Click-through rates measure the percentage of people clicking your links out of the total number of people receiving your text messages.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates measure the actual percentage of people making purchases after clicking your links out of the total number of people receiving your texts.

Returning Subscribers

This refers to customers who opt-out from receiving your texts and then decide to opt back in later.

Unsubscribe Rate

This rate measures the total percentage of people who unsubscribe from the total number of people receiving your text messages.


Opt-outs are the total number of people unsubscribing from receiving your texts.

What Types of Data Do Text Message Analytics Measure?

Crafting compelling content is only half the battle when delivering a successful text message marketing campaign. Once your messages reach your intended audience, text message analytics help you make informed decisions about future campaigns. Text message analytics include the following:

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Engagement Analytics

Engagement analytics help gauge customer interest in text message marketing campaigns. Learn what works and doesn’t with content, promotions, and more. Are customers unsubscribing after receiving certain messages? Analyzing your unsubscribe rate can help you identify which content pieces resonate with an audience and which ones fall flat. You can also take a look at response rates to see how much time it takes for customers to respond after receiving texts from your brand. Including links in your messaging is one of the best ways to measure engagement. Tracking tools allow you to see if and when a customer opens one of your links. You can also customize and shorten your links to increase brand awareness.

Message Analytics

Message analytics measure everything from your delivery rates, times, and statuses to deactivated numbers that you’ll want to remove from your active subscriber list:

  • Delivery Rates – Delivery rates are the percentage of delivered messages in your campaign.
  • Delivery Times – Delivery times analyze how long it takes for messages to reach customers. Frequently long delivery times may require investigation to correct delivery errors as quickly as possible. Undelivered messages represent lost customer engagement.
  • Delivery Statuses – Delivery statuses help you analyze if your recipient received a message. If a network, system, or carrier issue is to blame but your recipient’s number is still active, your message will be delivered later. However, if the number is no longer valid for that customer or is a landline number, your recipient will not be able to receive your texts.

Subscriber Analytics

Have you ever wondered where your subscribers come from? Subscriber analytics help you paint a clearer picture of your subscribers, so you can understand how and why they opted to receive your texts. Knowing more about your subscribers can help you tailor content to meet their expectations while guiding you in creating content that entices future subscribers. See how your subscribers joined and understand their actions better through keyword analysis. Having unique keywords for various promotions or events helps you measure which keywords yield the most successful campaigns.

Why Trust TapOnIt’s User-Friendly SMS & MMS Marketing Platform?

TapOnIt is a preferred SMS and MMS marketing provider due to the number of user-friendly features offered on our innovative platform, including:

MMS Marketing

We can send multiple images or an animated GIF per text, giving you more opportunities to engage and drive buyer action.

Custom Content Hubs

Our custom content hubs offer superior in-depth tracking, sharing, and redemption features not seen in conventional websites or apps. Sending customers to a customized content hub where they can redeem coupons, share content, and more strengthens their bond with your brand. We make it easy to redeem coupons in-store or online via barcodes, QR codes, or alphanumeric codes.

Simple Sign-Up

Simple sign-up options make it easy to grow your database. People can opt-in to receive your texts via a QR code, web form, mobile ads, and more.


Do you need to schedule a text blast to your customers in advance? Just set the date and time, and our automated text marketing platform does the rest!

First-Party & Zero-Party Data

Text message marketing allows you to collect valuable data directly from your customers. You own this data, meaning it can never be taken away from you.

Targeting & Segmenting

Allows you to segment and target your intended audience based on demographics, behavior, engagement, and other factors.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your text marketing campaigns to see which pieces of content have the most engagement.

Smart Audience Builder

Our Smart Audience Builder tool allows you to segment and target your intended audience based on demographics, behavior, engagement, and other factors.


While running sweepstakes through your texts is optional, it’s a massive database booster. Our team can help you secure a domain and structure your sweepstakes page.

Enhanced Text & Social Sharing

Our texts have built-in sharing capabilities for many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Messenger.

Dedicated Client Support

Our client support specialists can answer questions, set up analytics reporting and campaigns, ensure your compliance with text marketing regulations, and more.

Contact Us to Help Make Your Campaigns More Successful

TapOnIt can help you make changes to your campaign metrics to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our reporting and tracking capabilities. Making adjustments may be necessary to improve your customer experience. We’d be happy to walk you through everything!