Wallace's Garden Center

Wallace’s Garden Center Text Message Marketing Case Study

People share content they love and offers they want to use with people in their circles that likely have an interest in gardening too

Kate Terrell, Wallace’s Garden Center, Owner


14x ROI in 2020

25% database growth each year

16% organic growth from sharing

15% revenue from texting in 2020

How it Started:

Wallace’s Garden Center is a one-location garden center and home store located in Bettendorf, Iowa. Wallace’s had been printing annual calendars with monthly coupons to keep customers engaged and coming in regularly. Printing was expensive, it was hard to stay top of mind, difficult to track, and they often felt taken advantage of when customers would re-use the same coupons multiple times. Wallace’s wanted a way to get in front of their customers more often, learn more about who was shopping with them, and use that customer data to their advantage. While their email database was fairly engaged, the list remained stagnant, not growing by much each year. Kate Terrell, the owner of Wallace’s, saw how TapOnIt communicated with consumers via text and inquired about using the technology for her own customer engagement.

How it’s Going:

Since 2016 Wallace’s has been working with TapOnIt to grow their own text database called Wallace’s Garden Party.

It’s pretty amazing that as a single location garden center, we have grown our database to over 12,000 people, and we continue to see growth each year. Our text club sends coupons, content, recipes, reminders, events, and more. Really anything that goes into an email or on social media sees higher engagement in a text.

– Kate Terrell, Wallace’s Owner

Wallaces Text Thread Phone

Text Savvy Results

600 redemptions

$60 average sale

$32,000 netted top-line revenue after discount

 Wallace’s Garden Center Text Message Marketing Free Plant Offer
 Wallace’s garden for home 25 percentage offer

99% open rate

30% conversion rate via shares

5x frequency

99% open rate

11,816 total impressions

6x frequency

 Wallace’s Garden Center Text Message Marketing Campaign
 Wallace’s Garden Center Text Message Marketing 50% Off Offer

99% open rate

42% conversion rate via shares

1300% CTR on Facebook shares

“Wallace’s Garden Party is my most effective form of advertising.”

– Kate Terrell, Wallace’s Owner