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Transform how you communicate with your customers using the only multi-image business texting platform. TapOnIt’s powerful SMS and MMS platform is designed to help businesses engage with their audience and drive more sales.

Create text marketing campaigns quickly and easily

Creating and sending mass text messages to your audience is a breeze through TapOnIt’s user-friendly Admin Dashboard. Upload images, animated GIFs, or videos, add in content details, select an audience, pick a time, and schedule your campaign. Work ahead using automated workflows, triggered messages, and advanced campaign scheduling. Plus, access to MMS marketing best practices in our Client Resource Center ensures you have all the tools you need to be a texting pro.

Whether you’re a small business or a nationwide brand, you can send easily start sending text campaigns today!

Text Message Marketing Service
Picture messaging

Build your first-party database

TapOnIt’s SMS marketing service offers multiple user-friendly ways for customers to join your text club which makes adding phone numbers to your text database simple and convenient.

Gather data directly from your audience and use it to build deeper relationships by sending targeted and personalized content to their mobile devices via text and picture messaging.

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Drive trackable engagement + results with a branded Content Hub


All of your content through one browser-based link makes it easy for your audience to take the next step! Content is “auto-magically” curated and personalized for each user in real-time based on text campaigns they have been sent. Drive engagement on your marketing messages and track results through features like sharing, easy offer redemption, profiles, integrations, and more. Make your SMS messages have higher engagement and conversions, and turn potential customers into current customers.

Text Message Marketing Service
Text marketing campaigns

Gauge text message marketing campaign performance anytime, anywhere

Track the performance of your texts to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategies and what you send out. See what promotions and items were most clicked, viewed, and shared based on each text campaign.

Pull reports at your leisure or schedule them to be sent to who you want, when you want.

What others have to say about working with TapOnIt

GCJ Testimonial

“I started using TapOnIt as a way to communicate with my employees that are not connected to email. Set up of the service was very easy – I actually did it on my phone one evening when I was watching TV! Our team is loving the service! Now we can pre-schedule texts instead of making calls when changes come up – so convenient!”

– Ginger Sepulveda, President, GCJ Inc

Big Brothers Big Sisters

It was crazy to see how strongly people responded!  We had over 1,100 online and mail in orders, compared to 250 last year.

We saw a very noticeable increase in online traffic and orders on our site within the two-three days following the ad. I mean it was significant to the tune of about 200+ online orders, which we haven’t seen through other social marketing appeals in the past. Also, I think leveraging TapOnIt with traditional media (TV, radio, newprint)  was perfect. TapOnIt was the direct action they could take. 

Jay Justin, President & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Rust Belt

The Rust Belt Text Club has been a super effective way to communicate with our top fans. The user experience is intuitive and allows the audience to get to know the artists coming to the Belt with its Spotify and YouTube integration.

Zach Gatton, The Rust Belt


Texting through TapOnIt has allowed us access directly to the employees themselves. With our other forms of communication, they’re passive. We aren’t able to get metrics to see how many employees we’re actually reaching and how effective it is. Texting allows us to see how many people are on the system or accessing the links we send out.

Marguerite Tomlin, Internal Communications Specialist, Arconic Davenport Works

Visit Quad Cities

Creating the QC Insiders has been a great way to reach Quad Citizens and visitors directly by text. We can customize the messages for each audience to increase consumer and brand engagement. It’s exciting to use this emerging technology as an additional tool to market and promote the Quad Cities regional destination.

Jessica Waytenick, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Patty’s Pub

We love TapOnIt! We continue to grow our sales by texting. We have seen an increase in new customers, but most importantly our existing customers seem to come in more often when we send a text!

Sharon Gillispie, Owner, Patty’s Pub

Wallace’s Garden Center

I’ve been using email to keep in contact with my customers for years but when I launched my text program it really changed the level of engagement. Everyone opens their texts so sending my content and specials straight to my customer’s text thread has increased our traffic and revenue in a way that is actually measurable.

Kate Terrell, Owner, Wallace’s Garden Center

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