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As marketers, one of the many hats we wear is the content writer – keeping content fresh is essential for engagement, retention, and growth. So imagine this marketer’s reaction when she returned from a holiday weekend realizing she had a deadline for a blog she had not researched, planned out, or conceptualized. So, what’s one to do when they need to write a blog and have no idea what they want to blog about?

1. Take inventory of your current blogs. Is there a topic that you haven’t covered in a while that you can give a fresh spin on? Can you break down a big idea into a segment of blogs to better explain certain features or offerings? For example, if you wrote a blog about the benefits of shopping local, you could start a series featuring your favorite local shops. Bonus, when you do this, you can link between pages on your site, which is excellent for SEO!

2. Take a look at your website. Have you broken down your brand’s features, benefits, products, or solutions? The blog can be a great way to talk more about what you do and the new offerings you’ve released. Here is an example of how we talked about our Spotify integration in a blog.

3. Think about the problems you solve for your customers. Introduce the problem (i.e., need ideas for writing a blog) and give people a solution (gotcha – it looks like I reeled you in with this tactic!).

4. Check out your competitor’s blogs. What are they writing about? How can you take those ideas and turn them into your own? (disclaimer: I took this idea from a blog my coworker wrote, see how easy that was?)

5. Talk about your team. Getting to know the people behind a brand always generates engagement. Your customers will feel more connected to you when they get a more personal look into the people who create it. We got warm and fuzzy for Mother’s Day on our blog, and it was a great way to showcase the moms on our team!

6. If all else fails, head to google. I searched for “what should I blog about” and found a great list of ideas from Oberlo.

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