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September 7, 2023 – MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM (MOIC), an immersive environment dedicated to fostering human connection through the shared joy of ice cream, and TapOnIt, a leading text message marketing and communications vendor, have joined together to introduce an exciting and interactive experience for ice cream enthusiasts. Through TapOnIt’s text messaging platform and new TapAI™ feature, guests can opt into MOIC’s text club to discover their own “Ice Cream Name,” fostering their connection to MOIC and relieving the fun of their visit long after it’s over.

“We are thrilled to team up with TapOnIt for this new way to engage our valued guests and fans of the brand,” said Erin Levzow, Chief Marketing Officer at Museum Of Ice Cream. “The first thing guests do when they enter Museum Of Ice Cream is select their ice cream name, which begins them on their ice cream filled adventure. The TapAI™ feature gives everyone the chance to relive the joy of this moment while reminding them of their memorable experience.”

Fans joining MOIC’s text club will be in for a treat as they interact with TapAI™ and uncover their personalized “Ice Cream Name.” This fun and interactive encounter will not only leave them smiling but also encourage them to share their special ice cream monikers on social media platforms, fueling a cross-channel fan engagement strategy that brings the Museum and its community closer together.

“We are delighted to partner with a fellow female-founded, trailblazing company like Museum Of Ice Cream to help empower them with text message marketing and TapAI™ to enhance their fan engagement,” said Katie Castillo-Wilson, Founder & CEO at TapOnIt. “At TapOnIt, we strive to create
meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, and this collaboration with MOIC perfectly aligns with our vision of fostering unforgettable interactions.”

This collaboration between TapOnIt and Museum Of Ice Cream sets the stage for an exciting journey filled with delightful surprises and shared moments of joy. TapOnIt’s SMS & multi-image MMS texting
platform and TapAI™ can be used in endless ways and can be tailored to specific brands in order to create unique experiences that cater to any audience. The “Ice Cream Name” use case is just one
example of an experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

 To join the MOIC text club and discover your very own Ice Cream Name, visit https://texticecream.com/icecreamname to sign up!

About TapOnIt

 TapOnIt is a leading text message marketing and communications vendor, providing innovative and effective solutions for brands to connect with their audiences. Founded by Latina sisters Katie Castillo-Wilson and Sara Castillo, TapOnIt offers a proprietary SaaS (Software as a Service) Text Marketing and Communications Platform, widely used across the country by businesses of all sizes. Through SMS and MMS, TapOnIt helps businesses increase revenue, drive conversions, and engage
with their opt-in subscribers. Whether for marketing, sales, internal operations, or customer service, TapOnIt’s best-in-class solutions empower businesses to achieve their goals. Since its launch in 2015, TapOnIt has sent millions of text messages for thousands of brands. For more information, visit https://taponit.wpenginepowered.com/.


Museum of Ice Cream, founded by Figure8, is a global lifestyle brand recognized around the world for designing award winning, multi-sensory experiential developments. MOIC has welcomed millions of visitors to its fully immersive, interactive spaces that create connection through the universal power of ice cream. With locations in Austin, Chicago, New York City, and Singapore, Museum of Ice Cream remains a pioneer in the experience-first industry, continuing to develop unique concepts that provoke wonder and creativity. Each inclusive and interactive environment is designed to inspire imagination and play, helping to rediscover the kid in us all.

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