Grow First-Party and Zero-Party Data With TapOnIt’s SMS & MMS Marketing

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Enhancing How Your Brand Interacts With Consumers

TapOnIt can help you grow your first-party database and drive customer engagement through our SMS and MMS marketing platform. Partnering with us gives you full control over your first-party data. Knowing who your customers are and how to reach them best enables you to predict their behavior, build meaningful relationships, and personalize your content. Enhancing how your brand interacts with consumers is the quickest way to build your database and increase ROI. Contact our text message marketing gurus today to get started!

What Is First-Party Data? How Does It Benefit Brands?

The ability to collect and analyze first-party data can make or break digital marketing strategies. First-party data is collected from consumers across various channels, including apps, websites, social media, surveys, and SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) marketing. Because first-party data comes directly from your customers, you can count on it to be accurate and relevant to your brand. Businesses benefit from first-party data because it’s a goldmine of information about their target audiences, revealing specific consumer behavior, demographics, purchase histories, brand interactions, and more. First-party data is a valuable tool to have at your fingertips. You own this data, and it won’t be taken away even if you decide to change text message marketing providers.

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TapOnIt dashboard text message marketing metrics

What Is Zero-Party Data? What Makes It So Desirable?

Easily the most valuable type of data that a company can receive from their customers is zero-party data. Unlike every other flavor of data, zero-party data has a particular quirk about it that automatically makes it stand out from the pack: it’s willingly provided by the user. Given that this data is coming directly from the customer themselves, it’s an indispensable source of information regarding their habits, preferences, and feedback. Zero-party data can be accrued in a number of ways, like through responses to quizzes and the details plugged into profiles by users. This info goes a long way in helping mold a uniquely personal experience for each of your customers, ensuring that they never feel like they’re missing out on any offers or content that might cater to their tastes. Also, the fact that this data is collected voluntarily and not through cookies or trackers makes it far more appealing to audiences, as you’ll need to directly engage with them in order to acquire their consented data. Even simply approaching a customer and asking what they value most about a brand goes a long way in establishing trust between them and the brand in question. After all, nobody likes being tracked!

Know Your Parties: The Differences Between Data Types 

Zero-party data is collected directly from the consumer through things like surveys or profile entries. First-party data is collected through channels overseen personally by your brand or marketing provider. Second-party data comes from another party, such as a publisher sharing consumer information with its advertisers. Third-party data comes from an outside source (such as cookies on a website) without any direct relationship to the user. Naturally, the quality and reliability of the data collected directly from customers are more consistent than data collected from outside sources.

Reaching the Right Audience to Deliver Visible Results

Once you begin collecting first-party data, you can create customer profiles that allow you to examine their behavior and craft customized messages to improve customer retention. Personalizing messages makes consumers more likely to make a purchase or remain loyal to your brand. SMS and MMS marketing data collection allows brands to enhance customer engagement and the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns. TapOnIt’s Smart Audience Builder can help you segment and target your audience to ensure the right messages reach the right people to deliver measurable results.

Why Are Text Message Marketing Platforms on the Rise? 

Recent research indicates the value of text message marketing platforms is expected to rise. Consumers are more likely to open and respond to text messages than phone calls or emails. Text message marketing has a near-perfect open rate, meaning the majority of your customers who have opted to receive your texts will open them. Many of them will go beyond merely looking at them to click on the links in your text messages, especially when paired with the power of images in an MMS. Text message marketing statistics speak for themselves. More than half of today’s consumers prefer text messaging with their favorite brands. Nearly 99% of these text messages are opened, with 90% of them being opened within three minutes of receiving them. Almost 80% of consumers respond better to text messages over other forms of marketing. You can’t afford to ignore the growing momentum of text message marketing for businesses of all sizes and industries!

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Why Trust TapOnIt to Help Manage Your First-Party Data?

TapOnIt is not your run-of-the-mill text marketing company. Our rich, innovative platform can help you create impactful marketing campaigns one text at a time. Our SMS and MMS marketing services offer many user-friendly features, including:

Custom Content Hubs

Our custom content hubs offer superior in-depth tracking, sharing, and redemption features not seen in conventional websites or apps. Sending customers to a customized content hub where they can redeem coupons, share content, and more strengthens their bond with your brand. We make it easy to redeem coupons in-store or online via barcodes, QR codes, or alphanumeric codes.

Simple Sign-Up

Simple sign-up options make it easy to grow your database. People can opt-in to receive your texts via a QR code, web form, mobile ads, and more.


Do you need to schedule a text blast to your customers in advance? Just set the date and time, and our automated text marketing platform does the rest!

First-Party & Zero-Party Data

Text message marketing allows you to collect valuable data directly from your customers. You own this data, meaning it can never be taken away from you.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your text marketing campaigns to see which pieces of content have the most engagement.

Smart Audience Builder

Our Smart Audience Builder tool allows you to segment and target your intended audience based on demographics, behavior, engagement, and other factors.

MMS Marketing

We can send multiple images or an animated GIF per text, giving you more opportunities to engage and drive buyer action.


While running sweepstakes through your texts is optional, it’s a massive database booster. Our team can help you secure a domain and structure your sweepstakes page.

Enhanced Text & Social Sharing

Our texts have built-in sharing capabilities for many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Messenger.

Dedicated Client Support

Our client support specialists can answer questions, set up analytics reporting and campaigns, ensure your compliance with text marketing regulations, and more.

We Know the Ins & Outs of First-Party Data – Contact Us Today! 

No business can afford to be without a zero-party and first-party database in the digital age. If you’re curious about how SMS and MMS marketing works, we’d be happy to explain everything. Contact us to learn how to develop a strategy that works for you. Our mission is to connect people to the brands they love using our creativity and expertise. Get started with our friendly, dedicated experts today!