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Grow Your Database

Simple Sign Up

Content Hub

Organic Growth

Redemption Made Easy

Segmenting + Targeting

Tracking + Reporting

Triggered Messaging

Grow Your Database

TapOnIt’s text platform gives you the ability to quickly grow a first-party database of  subscribers, and enhance business with your customers

Grow Your Own First-Party Database

First-party data comes directly from your customer, so you know it’s accurate and relevant to your business.

Owning your own first-party database means you know who your customers are, and exactly how to reach them. Use it to predict behaviors, build relationships, and personalize content.

Text message marketing mockup of user profile data collection by TapOnIt

Simple Sign Up

There are multiple user-friendly ways to join your text program which makes growing your database simple and convenient.

Sign Up Methods

Text Message

Users can sign up by texting a keyword directly to your shortcode or toll-free number to opt-in

QR Code

By scanning a QR code, the user’s phone will open a text message with a pre-populated number and keyword

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads can be clicked to open a text message with a pre-populated number and keyword

Web Form

Use a web form to gather info about the user and collect their phone number to opt them in

Social Media

Link your followers directly to your sign up page using paid and organic posting


Prompt users to sign up for your text messages as they check out online or in-store

Simple Sign Up SMS & MMS Marketing Platform by TapOnIt

Content Hub

TapOnIt’s text platform gives you an optional feature to enhance the customer experience.

Custom Content Hub for Business Text Message Marketing by TapOnIt

Content Hub

One browser-based link, all your content. Make it easy to take the next step. Content is auto-magically curated and personalized based on each user. No additional management; connect to Google Analytics to track engagement

Globe Icon TapOnIt Platform


no app required

Picture Icone TapOnIt Platform


buttons + navigation

Gamify Icon TapOnIt Platfrom


rewards experience

Activity Icon TapOnIt Platform

User activity

tracked + reported

Organic Growth

Turn brand loyalists into influencers for your business.


Our sharing function allows users to share your content via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and text. New users can opt-in through the share links, which allows your database to grow organically, gain additional exposure, and reward customers for sharing, all with an easy to use flow.

Food and Beverage MMS & SMS Marketing sharing mockup example by TapOnIt

Redemption Made Easy

Make it easy for subscribers to redeem offers and increase ROI.

Offers are redeemable in-store or online via click to redeem, barcode, QR code, or alphanumeric code. Offers can be multi-use or one-time only. No POS integration is required.

Food and Beverage MMS & SMS Marketing phone mockups by TapOnIt

Segmenting + Targeting

Reach the right audience at the right time.

Utilize our Smart Audience Builder to reach the right user segments, optimize campaign spend, and deliver superior conversion. Segment and target your audience based on information they’ve provided for you such as demographic info, engagement history, and user behavior.


Age, gender, device type, and more


Location, income, purchase history, and more

History + Behavior

Preferred offer type, past interaction timing, and more

TapOnIt SMS & MMS Marketing Platform Dashboard and Phone Mockup

Tracking + Reporting

Use data to create an effective marketing strategy.

Tracking + Reporting

Track the performance of your texts to make more informed decisions about what you send out. See what promotions and items were most clicked, viewed, and shared based on each text campaign.

Pull reports at your leisure or schedule them to be sent to who you want, when you want.

Push and Pull Reporting for SMS & MMS Marketing by TapOnIt

Triggered Messaging

Use triggered messaging to retain existing customers with a seamless flow.

Triggered Messages SMS & MMS Marketing Platform by TamOnIt

Send text messages based on consumer based actions.

Did someone click on an item or leave something in their cart? Send them an image to remind them to complete their purchase. Utilize this feature for merchandise suggestions, post-purchase receipts, browse abandonment, and more.

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